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Choquequirao, has been called Machu Picchu's sacred sister due to similarities of design and ceremonial architecture. This seldom visited site is reached by a challenging trek along the Apurimac River with stunning views of the Salkantay ridge.
12 days / June thru September , From $2225
combination recommended custom itinerary and group trip
Explore the stunning cultural cities of Lima, Arequipa & Cusco. All tours included, with visits to the Colca Canyon, Sacred Valley and a special overnight stay at Machu Picchu.
11 days / Year round , From $2200
recommended custom itinerary
Explore a new world of expedition cruising along Peru's Amazon River. The Delfin III features 21 suites with floor-to-ceiling windows and 5 or 4 day itineraries. Enjoy authentic Peruvian touches woven throughout its décor, art, and cuisine--all within a warm and contemporary setting.
4 or 5 days / Year round , From $3700 per person
group trip offered as a component to a complete itinerary
This itinerary includes all the "must-visit" highlights of the center of the Incan empire--including one night at the famous archaeological site of Machu Picchu. You'll also tour Lima, Cusco, the Sacred Valley, and have a free day to enjoy Cusco at your own pace.
8 days / Year round , From $1650
recommended custom itinerary
The ultimate classic trek of South America. Hike on ancient trails for 4 days while visiting remote archaeological sites only accessible by foot. Each one is progressively more impressive until you emerge through the Gates of the Sun and see Machu Picchu spread out before you. A truly amazing experience!
11 days / March to January , From $2600
combination recommended custom itinerary and group trip
Sample the adventure of Peru, with-out camping! Explore the markets, colonial villages and best hiking trails around the Cusco, Machu Picchu and Sacred valley. Arrive to Machu Picchu via the final segment of the famed Inca Trail.
8 days / Mar-Dec , From $1995
recommended custom itinerary
Venture beyond the usually visited Incan sites for a look at Peru's classic pre-columbian civilizations. The Moche and Chimu cultures of the north coast dates back to 200AD--more than 1000 years before the Inca's arrival. Visit the stunning sites of Pachacamac, Tucume, Chan Chan, El Brujo, Huaca del Luna and Sipan, as well as the classic regions of Cusco and Machu Picchu.
12 days / Year round , From $2595
recommended custom itinerary
This luxury cruise down the Amazon River in Peru gives you a feeling of being completely transported to a new natural world. Experience new discoveries as you explore remote places along the Amazon by water and by foot, spot unusual wildlife, and meet with local native people.
4, 5 and 8 days / Year round , From $3450 p/p
group trip
We have created an adventure in which you will be able to experience Peru at its best and like never before: trekking from lodge to lodge, enjoying the comfort and service of four top quality mountain lodges before arriving to the iconic Incan citadel of Machu Picchu.
11 days / March thru December , From $4275 p/p
group trip
Stay at both the Manu Tented Camp (or Albergue Machiguenga), and the Manu Wildlife Center as you discover the diverse wildlife of Peru's Manu Biosphere Reserve. Giant River otters, caiman and tapirs are but a few of the local inhabitants. Fruiting trees and clay licks attract hundreds of parrots and macaws.
5 days / March thru November , From $2250 p/p
group trip offered as a component to a complete itinerary