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Explore the best of Uruguay! We’ll show you the history & charm of Colonia; the wines, vineyards and culture of Montevideo; the gaucho experience at an estancia; and the wildlife and unique flora of its natural reserves, beautiful beaches and national parks.
8 days / Year round , From $2550
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2016 marks the 6th annual Punta del Este Food & Wine Festival held in several small villages near Punta del Este, Uruguay. Apart from celebrating food and wine with the most delicious and mouthwatering dishes and drinks, the festival also includes various entertainment performances including live music concerts.
6 days / 2016 Dates pending , From pricesTBA pending confirmation of dates
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Experience the best of Uruguay on this active soft-adventure itinerary. Hiking, biking, nature explorations, horseback riding, wine tasting & stand-up paddle or canoeing and beach picnics are all part of the fun! Visit Montevideo, charming Colonia, an estancia and beach towns.
8 days / Year round , From $2255
recommended custom itinerary
Eat, Drink, Art!! Our creative and unique exploration of Uruguay will show you the highlights of the country, but with a twist. Visit excellent wineries, artisan cheese farms, art galleries and workshops. Stay in stylish boutique hotels and soak up the best wine, cuisine and art Uruguay has to offer!
8 days / Year round , From $2450
recommended custom itinerary