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Hotels in: Moderate/3 star Superior/4 star
Lima Casa Andina Centro
Antigua Miraflores
Allpa Suites
Tierra Viva
Casa Andina Private Collection/Sup
Quinta Miraflores
Sheraton 4 Points
Chiclayo Los Portales/Superior Casa Andina Select/Superior
Trujillo Los Conquistadores/Standard Libertador/standard
Lima Airport Ramada Costa del Sol Ramada Costa del Sol
Cusco Casa Andina Plaza/Cathedral or Koricancha
Los Portales
Andes de las Americas
El Mercado
Casa Andina     Private Collection
Sacred Valley Pakaritampu
Sonesta Posada del Inca
Casa Andina Private Collection
Machu Picchu El Mapi Hotel Casa del Sol
Hatu Inti Boutique

Hotel categories can be mixed & matched, and other hotels substituted on request




Moderate hotels:
From $2495 p/p

Superior hotels:
From $3895 p/p

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