Galápagos Islands

A spacious and comfortable beach front hotel just outside of Puerto Ayora, on the island of Santa Cruz, the Finch Bay offers naturalist, adventure and diving packages. A great alternative for families, and for those who prefer the extra comforts and amenties of a hotel.
from $1006 pp
Our land based island hopping Galapagos Explorer takes you to 4 islands and visits 9 different visitor’s sites with certified naturalist guides. You’ll stay in high-end boutique hotels on both Santa Cruz and Isabela Island, allowing you to enjoy the local island life with your nature experiences.
Discover the Galapagos Islands from a different perspective on our land-based island-hopping adventure itinerary. Perfect for those adverse to long distance overnight boat travel; who are traveling with children; and/or prefer a more active experience & free time than offered by most expedition boats. 
from $2650 pp