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The fascinating world of the Amazon Rainforest stretches across several countries on the continent of South America. While the main "Amazon River" is in Brazil, there are smaller tributaries that spread across Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela, Bolivia and Colombia.

It is along these smaller rivers where one has a chance to get away from the main "river highway", and visit extensively the most complex ecosystem on earth. 

For your Amazon tour, we offer a variety of lodges, specially designed expedition boats, and adventure exploration.

You should expect to encounter exotic birds, monkeys, insects, reptiles and amphibians. You will be very lucky if you see one of the larger mammals that inhabit the forests, such as tapirs, peccaries, jaguars, and smaller varieties of cats. Besides being generally nocturnal, these animals have an acute sense of smell, and generally avoid the casual visitor. You will learn about these creatures, and see evidence of where they live and feed, but they are rarely seen.

The Amazon is a great experience for travelers of all ages.  Highly recommended as an extension to a Galapagos Islands trip, or when visiting the Machu Picchu/ Cusco region of Peru,