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Location Hotel/Lodge/Camp
San Jose/Days 1 & 9 Sleep Inn
Pacuare River/Day 2 *El Nido de Tigre permanent campsite
Pacuare River Take-out/Day 3 **Finca Pacuarito
Santa Maria de Dota/Day 4 Cecilia 
Manuel Antonio/Quepos/Days 5 & 6 Hotel Karahe
Golfo Dulce/Days 7 Palma Real Camp
Golfo Dulce/Days 8 Lazaro Camp

These ae the hotels generally used for this itinerary. Similar hotels may be used on select departures

El Nido del Tigre or The Tiger's Nest is your home and mid-way point of the Pacure River raft trip.  Its name comes from the giant patches of ginger plants which fall and create the shape of a tiger’s nest. From the center of the nest, trails radiate throughout the rainforest and along the river.

Our camp has a dual personality. At times it is a hive of activity perhaps with a soccer or Frisbee game, or teams frantically hurrying into the camp to record their finish time in a racing challenge. While at other times it is a peaceful, tranquil and relaxing environment following a day on the rapids.

At meal times the camp adopts different atmospheres depending on its guests. Sometimes it is host to sociable buzzing tables of excited conversations while at others to the beat of gentle romance.

One of its other guises is in welcoming groups involved in sometimes bizarre and other times intriguing learning activities.

Sustainability is a key word at El Nido del Tigre as we strive to achieve the perfect harmony between rainforest and tourism. The camp has captured the imagination of the local people, many of whom we thank for their assistance and patience in building this unusual environment and a number of them who remain with us on our continuing journey to develop the dream.

Spacious tents on fixed platforms co-mingle with the forest and border the river. 

As the Pacuare River levels and the rapids give way to the gentle current of the beckoning Caribbean Ocean, Finca Pacuarito sits on the side of the river nestled amongst banana plantations. 

Host to all clients who raft on the Pacuare River as this is the take out, Finca Pacuarito and its warm welcome at the end of what is a challenging rafting section, where you'll enjoy natural showers and a refreshing drink after rafting, and a pleasant overnight stay.


2019 Departures

Approx 1 per month


$1880 p/p
$375 single supp
$210-$260 holiday surcharge

Travel Style
group trip